>Time to Reconnect


Right!! it has been a while since I have been active in this forum… Much as I like to cook, over the last few months I have not been able to drag myself to the kitchen and for one reason or the other there have been million excuses … So it is about time I got back into the groove and involve myself in something I love doing, cooking and not just cooking for myself but for all those I love. The aroma of the spices, the mix of ingredients, the changing colors.. All such welcoming sights… An Indian kitchen never ceases to surprise.. There is an air of mystery… You see brilliant colours with strange concoctions producing some delectable aromas and with every different  dish the smell becomes more and more inviting…. 

Much as I have explored western cooking style, my experience with the Indian cookery cannot hold the same…Being and Indian, this is not a very commendable thing to say… There is so much to experiment with… I mean India is a food lover’s haven. Where the taste buds can expect a change every 30 to 40 odd kilometers, you can only imagine the variety that awaits you… At one instance you have Maa ki daal and move a few hundred kilometers south it is the lovely aroma of Daal Baati Churma, complete different taste but equally inviting…  This is just one corner of the country, there are a million examples..  I have been fascinated with our cuisine for so long that it is about time I got actively involved into cooking it.. Oops sorry, there is no such thing as the Indian Cuisine, I remember during my years in London, my British friends would come up to me saying Oh Nandini, Indian Cuisine is just oh so wonderful and I would tell them there is no such thing as that, the cuisine changes every 25 kilometers and the culinary style has something new to offer.. so it is very region specific… What they have there (i.e. in UK ) is anything but Indian food.. A rich thick horribly spicy curry with chunks of meat… It is anything but Indian food

So for me, it is time to reconnect with my culinary culture, to find a way to understand methods my Grandmother and Mother have effortlessly practiced over the years.. To educate the world that our food has so much to offer but mostly, to root my taste buds into a culinary style that has so much to offer….

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