Food Fit for the fairies; and we love them too…………

My  first brush with fairy cakes was about 8 years back when I moved to London and the instant  I saw them in the super market I fell in love with their shape, their colour and their look. It was like calling out to me “ come  take me home” ….


Years went by but I never really got my hands on to try them, until the other day when I dear friend of mine posted pictures of her cupcakes….


Cup cakes are sacred, There something mysterious about them, pretty little things with hidden goodies.. You cannot help admire them….

Fairy cake

The easiest and perhaps also the most joyous of cakes, the fairy cake is queen of the tea table


You can just about do anything with them, colour them, ice them, slice them but any which ways they are still the most gorgeous thing to come out from the oven,


Not to mention the aroma they spread…..


I mean it is one of those food fit for the fairies and goddesses…  Oh and offcourse for all mortal tea parties.


makes 15..


Flour – ½ cup

Caster sugar-2/3 cup

White butter-1/2 cup


Milk-1/4 cup

Lemon essence-1 teaspoon

Baking powder- 3 teaspoon


Icing :

White butter- 1 cup

Icing sugar- 2 cup

Milk- 2tbspoon


Mix all the ingredients of the cake and pour them into 12 cup cake moulds.. Put them in a preheated oven of 170 degrees  for 30 mins. Insert a screwier to check if they are ready other wise leave them in for another 5-7 mins.. Cool them, scoop them out of the mould. Take the icing mix in an icing bag and decorate as per your liking… Voila!! Your cup cake is ready

I know I am no genius when it comes to maths, but I swear to God there were 12 more of those when I brought them out of the oven………. Sigh… But hey you know what this means MORE CUP CAKES!!! Yaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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