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The Fruit we all love..

Now that just has to be Mangoes…

I know I am a bit partial but I just love that fruit, any time day or night I could gorge on them..

The thing is when you are from a tropical country you cannot help but not like Mangoes.. they are just oh so delicious.. Not to mention the million varieties they have to offer.

At this time of the year all I cam think about is nice juicy ripe mangoes. The best part about eating them is with your hands all messy, juices trickling from all sides, God help if you have any whites on…

The whole fun about eating mangoes is not counting them.. never do that, if somebody asks you how many, just say how how  many more can I get..

But one of my all time favourite dessert is Mango mousse and I would make it every year with out fail.. easy peasy recipe.. no stress no frills and a lot of mango juices and seeds to chew on..

You would need:;

3 medium size fully ripe sweet mangoes (2 if they are large in size)

Sugar 4 table spoon

Fresh Cream 200 gm (preferably unsweetened one)

Gelatin 1.5 table spoon

Honey- 2 table spoon

Nutella -5 table spoons

water 1 cup.

Deseed and chop the mangoes , add the sugar and the cream and whisk it in the food processor/ mixer. till the ingredients are nicely mixed. Now mix the gelatin in to the water and gently heat it over fire in double boiler style till the gelatin mixes with the water and forms a syrup like consistency.  Pour the gelatin mix into the mango mixer in the blender , give it a couple of whisk. Pour the mixture into a glass bowl and leave it in the fridge for 5-6 hours to set properly.. Before serving decorate it  with chocolate shavings, Mango wedges (i personally do not like this because the mousse then has too much of mangoes) , fresh cream, honey or what I like best is honey and Nutella.. Trust me they taste awesome and voila… your mousse is ready…

All set to dig in

6 thoughts on “The Fruit we all love..

  1. To be honest I don’t know but I did read somewhere if you use crumbled paneer (cottage cheese and milk, blended into a fine paste in the grinder) it helps to set when added to the mango puree, sugar and cream.. try it out… could work .. what’s cooking on your end ????

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