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Sunday Breakfast..

Aah Sundays are just wonderful.. Wake up at whatever time you want (actually I do that on Saturdays but works on either of the weekends).. Laze around in your Pyjamas with that never ending mug of coffee..  Glance through the papers, or not if you work for a media house… One thing I wouldn’t do is check my mails on Sunday even if my damn life depended on it… I mean my laptop and I so do not connect on a Sunday.

The best thing about Sunday is a slow, calm and most important, a family breakfast..

I love those.. You gather around the table, there is mum pouring the juice, dad with his funny stories and off course the brat brother trying to act extra cool… Oh there is always one of those.. Oh how I miss them…

There are times when I do this occasional chance and last weekend was one of them..

Breakfast on Sundays is just one of those days when you want to make something whole some so you pretty much skip lunch.. I mean after waking up at 10 in the morning and settling down around half eleven, you really don’t have the energy to think of lunch…

At the same time we all want something easy, now lets face it no one wants to work, let alone work hard on a Sunday.. Certainly not me..

Last weekend when I decided to cook breakfast for the family, it was time to raid the pantry and the fridge..

Thankfully, there was some bread, cheese, eggs and some salami and so my breakfast jaunt began.. What I made was French toast with cheese and salami, quick easy and works great with all age group.. Now tell me who would not like cheese and salami, unless you are allergic to milk products…

It felt so good, we sad around the table, in our PJs, goofed, joked, revisited old times and laughed a lot.. Basically we had what is a good quality family time after a very demanding week.. A shame I did not take a photo of that..

As for the recipe here it goes.

Seasoned eggs

for 10 French toasts

You need

10 slices of Bread (brown or white)

8 large eggs

10 -12 slices of Salami

200 gms of Cheddar Cheese (Leicester shire red cheese is great , if not then our usual mature cheese)/ if possible smoked cheese , I just love their flavour (Leicester shire red cheese is great , if not then our usual mature cheese)

White Butter and Olive oil (depending on the number but do be generous)

Salt and pepper for seasoning

Mixed herbs (dried) in a bottle and a pinch of paprika powder for seasoning the eggs

3/4 cup milk

1 teaspoon of sugar

My favourite Cheese 😀

Take a bowl and crack the  eggs, season it with salt and pepper, add the milk and the sugar, whisk it properly.. now heat a non-stick frying pan, add the white butter and oil, a mix of both gives a golden texture to the bread. Now dip the individual slice of bread into this egg mixture and then place the salami on the bread. Then put the bread on the frying pan (face down with the salami) let the egg and the salami set on the bread.. fry it till it turns golden brown and then flip the bread for the other side to cook (on the whole 4-5 min per bread on sl0w to medium heat). Repeat this for all the slices..

The salami is face down

Then sprinkle the cheese over the toasted bread and microwave it on full power for a minute.. Alternately if you don’t have a microwave just pre heat your normal oven to a 170 degrees and stick the toast in for 5 mins or so.. I personally like it in a conventional oven.. gives it an extra crisp and the cheese change to a lovely light brown colour… There you have it.. your easy fun filled Sunday break fast is ready…

Ready to pounce on 😀

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