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We all love eggs.. well ok most of us do…

I seem to share a deep connection with them..

I must have been denied food and more specific Eggs..

I love them so much so that as a child I remember biting through a hard boiled egg before de-shelling it.. Yes, you read that right..

I can eat eggs pretty much in any form at any time..

Personally, I love it when they are half boiled or even better quarter boiled ( A very English taste) , it is an acquired taste but I just love the gooey yolk inside, lightly seasoned.. yum yum..

In fact my long standing favourite joke was when a gentle from southern India was visiting UK, he hardly knew any english and often carried his own food.. He goes to a restaurant and finding the prices rather high settles for a boiled egg which he had been carrying with him.. On his departure when the waitress presents him with the bill he goes “waitressi waitressi come and see this is my wonly woriginal yeggi..(a very typical tamil accent)..

So eggs are just amazing.. I mean if my fridge has less than 10 eggs at any given time.. I hit the panic button.. That is one item my pantry will never run out off, well apart from flour, sugar, baking powder cocoa, nuts, dried fruits, sauces , noodles, oh ok my pantry does not run out of many things..

just an eggspression of how much I love to cook..

This particular easy peasy eggie recipe is of my mother’s and I love it..

eggcellent eggies

You would need

eggs (more the merrier) -10

Mayonnaise- 5 table spoon

English musturd-3 teaspoon

tomatoes -2 (cut into tiny dice like shape)

Scallions (spring onions) trimmed into little pieces

Olive oil-3 teaspoon

freshly ground pepper

Boil the eggs fully. De-shell them. Then gently cut them into half. Scoop out the yolk and keep it aside, you won’t need that. rub the outer side of the eggs with some olive oil.  Now in a bowl mix the mayonnaise, English mustard, freshly ground pepper. take a spoonful and place it inside the egg where the yolk would normally be. Top it up with the tomatoes and the spring onions and leave it in the fridge and serve it as a cold finger food.

it is an eggstatic feeling eating them…

10 thoughts on “Eggcellent

  1. oh well I love the yolk but mum seems to have developed a distaste for it off late.. so yeah but you could actually mash the yolk and add it to the mayo mixture… works great 🙂

  2. this recipe sounds great n is too good especially for the egg lovers who are also cholesterol patients….but just a suggestion that adding the egg yolks into the mixture will also add an extra zing to this dish … i make eggs of this sort quite often for finger food including the yolks 🙂 try it

  3. this is a great favourite in our house too and I often change the seasoning to Indianise it or sometimes add finely chopped bell peppers or pinanpple – taste good this way too.

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