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Sunday Breakfast revisited :D

A few weeks back I had written about Sunday breakfast, a time for sharing and family, a time for laughter and definitely a time for Pancakes..

I love pancakes and have since I was a child.. I still remember the time as a kid during summer vacations we would visit my Grandma’s house. My cousins and I were a handful i remember..

Running around, causing manic in every way possible and you can imagine that after all that running around we would be one hungry bunch and our grandma at her wits end, now what do I feed this lot every 3 hours would be her perennial question…

So she came up with this ingenious idea with pancake mix dry in a jar and when ever we would pester her for food.. se would hop into her pantry bring this glass jar out, mix it with a whole lot of stuff and in 10 minutes we would have hot pancakes with honey, jaggery syrup and even cheese  and cream..

my favourite accompaniments with pancakes

So you see i have this very deep connection and happy memories associated with Pancakes…

This morning when I woke up and dad came up to me saying I am really hungry and I feel like eating something sweet and cheerful all I could think of was pancakes.. The only problem, I don’t know what was the mixture  granny used.. There was no point calling her because she can hardly hear these days..  So I had to start from scratch and the only help I had was my taste buds ans that too from my memory…….

So after a fair bit of scratching my brains and thinking hard and a little tip from mum here is what I came up with..

For 12 pancakes

Flour-180 gms

Caster sugar 30 gms

Baking powder 1 table spoon

Bicarbonate of soda- 1/2 tea spoon (mum’s tip)

For the batter

250 mls of cold milk

1 large egg

Butter melted – 2 table spoon

Take the dry mix in a bowl and add the egg, the milk and the butter. Whisk it properly so no lumps are there. Heat a flat frying pan and add a ladle-ful and add a spoon of butter around it. Fry it till both sides are golden brown and soft…

Serve it hot drenched in Honey, maple syrup and scoop of vanilla ice-cream or even strawberry jam… For me nothing beats maple syrup though.. classic pancake accompaniments.

Though there is nothing compared to the taste my grandma’s pancake and the magic in her hands but if I may so it came quiet close….

Childhood memories revisited!!

A wonderful Sunday meal with a lot of childhood memories associated….

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