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Happy Birthday Mum!!!

You never really need an excuse to bake cup cakes.. But if you have one… I am not complaining..

It was Mum’s Birthday yesterday…. What fun and no birthday is complete without a cake…. Now much as we all like to admire the pretty cakes in the pastry chops; I would much rather bake mine at home… I cannot remember the last time I actually bought a cake…

And when It is mum’s birthday, the cake has to be home made.. You know, there is something very therapeutic about baking… It is like evolution happening in front of you and creativity flowering… I simply love it…

Now the only catch was that my folks were laving town for a week and an entire cake would go waste… Yet we cannot have a birthday without one either.. So…A moment of thought and then Eureka!!! I can’t bake cakes but I can bake cup cakes… and she loves cup cakes… coffee and chocolate being her favourite flavours as far as cakes are concerned.. so all I did was used the same flavours tro create Birthday cupcakes…

Oven Fresh


I made Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes with Butter-Chocolate Icing. (12 of them)

Flour-250 gms (1cup)

Sugar -100 gms (with caster sugar 50 gms and Demerara sugar 50 gms)

Eggs-2 medium

butter -120 gms

Expresso coffee-2 teaspoon (really strong one)

Cocoa -4 tablespoon

Baking Powder (1.5 teaspoon)

For the frosting (ices 6 for more just double the amount)

Butter- 60 gms

Icing Sugar-100gms

3 table spoons of Cocoa powder

Sprinkles to decorate

Line a muffin tin with 12 cases and preheat the oven to 160 degrees Celsius. Cream the butter and the sugar together, add the eggs one by one, beating in the middle Sift in the flour and cocoa and instant espresso dissolved in hot water. finally add the baking powder. Beat it properly till all the ingredients are well mixed. Spoon them into the muffin tin filling them over just about half… bake it for 20 mins in the oven and then leave it to stand in for another 5 mins. Once out of the oven let them cool.. Meanwhile in a bowl mix all the ingredients for frosting and lightly beat it. Once the muffins are cool, spread them with a palette knife and add the sprinkles and put in fridge for the frosting to set. Before serving leave it out for about 5 mins and it is ready to eat…

Happy Birthday Mum

Happy birthday Mum!!!!!! we love you

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