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Comfort Food

When one is unwell, comfort food is just the thing you need…   They have such a nostalgic and sentimental appeal… I mean it acts like up an instant cheer up thing..

They have this burst of flavours and some sort of and mostly very happy memories associated with them.. it works best when some one makes them for you..

Last week I injured my feet rather severely…Got myself roughly caught with a nail and well deep wound on leg.. I had no strength to move them so went up to my folks and you know mums , she was like we need to get you tetanus shots.  Injections!! damn damn damn, I hate them I so totally hate needles.. I cringe and quiver at the very sight of them, so you can quite imagine if 3cc of Tetanus are stuck through a needle.. I am bound to through a fit to say the least…

So in order to keep me calm, mum promised that once we are back from the first set of shots tonight (yes, I needed one the next day as well) she was to prepare my all time favourite dinner.. Chilly Garlic Noodles.. so stay calm and you will get your wish and with those words, the doctor stuck the needle into me.. I did shriek but a faint one.. So we got home and mum got cracking…

Chilly Garlic Noodles:

  • Noodles -500 gms
  • red chilly paste 40 gms
  • ginger and garlic paste- 1 teaspoon each
  • Hoisin sauce- 1 table spoon
  • Dark Soya Sauce- 3 table spoon
  • spring onions ( green bit finely chopped)
  • vegetable oil- 1 table spoon
  • Extra Chilly oil to garnish..
Take about 12-15 red chillies, slit them and clean the seeds and the membrane. Then chop them up and take 3-4 garlic cloves chopped . Put them in a blender and trun them into a fine paste. Now set the water to boil and cook the noodles as per the instructions on the pack. Meanwhile, set a wok with the vegetable oil, fry the ginger garlic paste, till the start emitting flavours. To the paste add the hoisin sauce and the chilly garlic paste and the soya sauce. Simmer the sauce for a min and turn it off.. By now the noodles is ready, tip it into the sauce and mix it well..
add the extra chilly oil and serve it, garnished with spring onions…
P.S. if you find the chilly too hot to handle, just take a juice from a lime (fresh juice and add a teaspoon of sugar, mis the two and pour it over the noodles, it will balance out the chilly…
Such a wonderful comforting food by mum and with all her love and straight form her heart….

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