A Prawn Quickie

Prawns… The word brings water in my mouth.. I start to salivate virulently… I just cannot seem to control myself.. I am terribly fond of seafood but nothing can replace this one..  . The sheer variety and the endless possibilities that you can create with this mere insect.. (well prawns are a kind of insect believe me)… Continue reading A Prawn Quickie

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Penne a la Verdura

Pasta is something I simply love… It is so so easy to cook, whole some. You get your carb supply.. The mix of herbs and olive oil just peps up my appetite.. My love for Pasta actually knows no bound and i can pretty much live on them.. Mum often says I must have been… Continue reading Penne a la Verdura

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Sunday Roast

Chicken- Love it Roast- A must every Sunday; Feasibility: Not always possible but once in a while it has to be on the table Target: Wanted to make it for the last 18 months Achieved: Last Sunday  Finally.. Reviews: Mum said how about you do it next week as well.. Best comment I could think… Continue reading Sunday Roast