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Saturday Brunch!!

Weekends are usually very lazy for the both of us…  5days of packed schedule, work, gym, grocery shopping late night calls to offices back in Asia, weekend is the only thing my husband and I look forward to, from Monday morning on… Saturday Morning is my favourite day, I still know I have one more… Continue reading Saturday Brunch!!

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Masterchef Husband..

Couple of days back, my husband very sweetly volunteered to cook dinner… I had had a hectic day, been up and out and to be honest I had not an ounce of energy left in me let alone drag myself to the kitchen and cook. My husband is actually a decent cook, he knows the basics, more… Continue reading Masterchef Husband..

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The Bong Connection!!

No matter, where ever we are, we Bengalis can never really stay away from our food, our cusine. So now that I am all settled in the 3rd continent; that being the USA, I have had enough of hamburger, pizza, steaks… Its about time my palate had a taste of the home cooked traditional bengali… Continue reading The Bong Connection!!