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Masterchef Husband..

Couple of days back, my husband very sweetly volunteered to cook dinner… I had had a hectic day, been up and out and to be honest I had not an ounce of energy left in me let alone drag myself to the kitchen and cook. My husband is actually a decent cook, he knows the basics, more important, he knows how to chop onions.. what a blessing.. I hate to admit this to all my reader and it is a crying shame that being an Indian who enjoy’s cooking, I hate chopping onions, it is something I would happily pass on to anybody..

That's Us

My husband that way is very sweet, having lived in the US all by himself for a while, this country has taught him to chop churn and grind and so he took control of the kitchen whilst I enjoyed a lovely romantic movie on the tele… His idea and mine too of a good whole some dinner is chicken curry and rice served hot with cucumbers and onions… so here is what he did….. took a very easy recipe from all and turned it into a lovely curry …. simple easy and whole some, not to mention very lovely prepared by my husband….. I liked it so much, that from now on, he is in-charge when comes to cooking chicken curry…

Here is the recipe from spice and tasty

Only variation, he used chicken on the bones

Here are some images 😀


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