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Saturday Brunch!!

Weekends are usually very lazy for the both of us…  5days of packed schedule, work, gym, grocery shopping late night calls to offices back in Asia, weekend is the only thing my husband and I look forward to, from Monday morning on… Saturday Morning is my favourite day, I still know I have one more day left to absolutely do nothing and not feel guilty about it…  Saturday mornings for us usually start around 10 ish, with calls back home to India, skype chats etc.. so one can imagine, there is no such thing as breakfast for us on Saturdays.. By the time we are all done with family talks, it is way past 11:00 and almost nearing lunch time…

That is when the brunch bit comes in… This saturday, the brunch kind off became very late lunch, We had a Pot Luck invitation and I was busy fixing that… Anyhow, by about 2:00 pm Prithwish (my husband) was growling, more like his stomach was and I had to whip up something very quick. At this time, no ingredient is as handy as eggs and thanks to a very easy and quick recipe that I had come across in Nigella Lawson’s site, brunch was ready in 15 mins..

Mexican Scrambled Eggs

Though, I shall admit, I did improvise,

Here is what the recipe read; Mexican Scrambled Eggs, I stuck to the basic recipe but since it was for the 2 of us, I used 7 large eggs, 2 large tomatos and I did not have corn tortillas at home so I used 3 large wheat tortillas.. The rest of the recipe was same, only at the end of it, I grated some smokey cheese on top of the scramble and garnished with chilly flakes, that gave a very spicy twist to the whole dish and all I can say was nothing was left on the skillet….

Saturday Brunch

Eggs 😀

4 thoughts on “Saturday Brunch!!

  1. This looks like a great breakfast. The mexican cuisine does have a way with eggs-yum! I love migas but this looks even better-very enticing photos.. Thanks for the link and I am more of a fan of flour tortillas than corn so I give that change a thumbs up!

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