cottage cheese · eggplant · onions · sherry · summer · tomatoes

Summer Delights

Don’t you just love summers.. Long sunny days, cool breeze and not to mention lots of fresh vegetables…

Though I am incredibly fond of meat and fish, vegetables excite me as well when they are nice and colourful…  Tuesdays are normally vegetarian for us, it is one of those once a week compulsory thing, kind of a detox.

I had been wanting to cook something Italian and no it is not mac and cheese, I meant something authentic Italian, Bruschetta was always an option but I am sort of tired of making the same old thing and didn’t really want bread for dinner.. I had an eggplant, some tomatoes, cottage cheese and was wondering what could I whip up when I stumbled upon this lovely recipe from smitten kitchen , one my favourite food blogs and instantly fell in love with the recipe, plus it was very easy to make…


Though as always, I can never follow a recipe to the T, (except baking) and got improvising.. I replaced the ricotta with cottage cheese, like it that way, added a dash of balsamic vinegar and half a tablespoon of cooking sherry and parsley ..  The result well, it went down pretty well with the husband, he had the left overs for today’s lunch…

It is one of those delightfully colourful summer recipes that you would want to make and works well with vegetarian guests as well…  the link to the recipe is here roasted eggplant with tomato and mint (mine had parsley).. I will leave you with the images, do try it … sharp and yet sweet summer flavours …

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