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An Omlette

Saturday mornings are the best days of the week… I mean after a hectic week that is all I look forward to.. No early mornings, no grogginess, and most important, no rushing through food.. You know something, I hate rushing through food, it totally puts me off eating … This is the only other day in the week when I can do what ever I want at whatever speed I want to..

The Best Feluda Ever 😀

Lately, my husband and I have been into a lot of detective movies, mainly bengali, but we would not miss a sing;e Feluda movie (character created by Satyajit Ray) we have seen it all from Joy Baba Felunath to Royal Bengal Rohoshya, and loved it all, though LalMohon Ganguly (a.k.a Jatayu ) is irreplaceable…

Gorosthane Shabdhan.. Must Watch

Royal Bengal Rahashya

e to move on to Bomkesh Bakshi, (another detective character created by Sharadindu). The latest of Bomkesh Movie has been out for a while and both of us have been trying to get our hands on it and had been unlucky so far, until yesterday, while I was getting the house in order, Pritish came running up to me, and he said his exact words: “i have such news that you would leave all your work and come running to me.”.. That was finally Abar Bomkesh is out and on Databazarmedia, the website we use to watch bangla movies, and believe me, what seemed like  a task for ever, was done in 15 mins, yeah I was that desperate..

Abar Bomkesh 😀

So all done, now you just cant watch movie on its own, you need food…  Food that is both satisfying and really very easy to make…  So I had like 4 eggs the the refrigerator and nothing like an omlette, quick easy and ever so satisfying…

Serves 1

Here it goes

2 Eggs Beaten to satisfaction

1 table soon of milk

A pinch of salt

Ground Black pepper

onion 1 medium finely chopped

Tomato- 1 medium, finely chopped

Mushrooms-5-6 , thinly scliced

green chilly -1 chopped

Butter-1 table spoon

Oliveoil 2-3 table spoon

parsley -fresh (preferable) if not then dried..


Take the 2 eggs in a bowl and add the salt and peper, beat it well, then add the milk and keep beating till it has a frothy consistency.. Meanwhile heat your skillet with the olive oil and butter on medium heat.. Once the eggs are beaten, add to the skillet and make sure the egg mixture covers the whole pan… As the eggs start to sizzle add the vegetables , spread them evenly on the eggs and then let it cook for a minute or two.. then carefully lift the side with the spatula and bring it over the omlette so as it overs a little less than half of it.. Then bring on the other side of the omlette on top of the covered side and it resembles almost like a flatten wrap… your eggs should be ready by now..  garnish with parsley and serve… Repeat for another one…. You can have multiple fillings like ham and cheese and sausage.. but for me and onion tomato mushroom omlette is a winner all the way..

As for the movie it was really good:D

One thought on “An Omlette

  1. Your beautifully weaved out post reminded me of my own childhood. Incessant rains, ensconced in Balcony, chai and fritters , and grandma…what a combination 😉
    I dont know whether you realised it or not, this post is a sort of a tribute to your didimas love and her culinary skills..:)
    Love you tons..

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