Linguine · mushroom · pasta · sausage · tomato · white wine

Pasta with Sausage and Mushroom

I love Pasta, or let me put it this way, I am addicted to pasta.. Every time I make my way to this fantastic Ialian deli in Philadelphia, My cupboard just fills up with all possible shapes and sizes… A personal favourite is offcourse Linguine… I find them far more tastier than spaghetti..

Linguine originated in Genoa and the Liguria of Italy and traditionally you would serve linguinie with Pesto and seafood… but then I am never really one for the tradition…Well most of the time.. I had been to my butcher’s Wednesday and he had the most gorgeous sausage, Dark pink, with just the right blend os spice, I just could not contain myself…

There was this very easy recipe I had come across some time back and just about the usual kitchen cupboard ingredients…  Yes, I used Linguine, but you could use spaghetti or any other shape..

The proportion serves 4

I just prepared extra, I love Pasta leftovers, they work great for lunch the next day.. And a little extra never hurts 🙂

  • Linguine- 450gms
  • sausage-250gms
  • Mushroom- 250 gms (ideally porcchini, dried mushroom should be used but chestnut or baby bella mushrooms work great, they have a strong flavour)
  • white wine- 1 cup (cooking white wine will work fine)
  • Canned chopped tomatoes (425 gms) Roughly one can
  • Freshly ground pepper
  • Olive oil
  • salt

Pasta with mushroom and sausage


Start by preparing the sauce.. It is really easy ; Saute’ onions.  Add the mushrooms when they start to sizzle.   Cook for about 5-7 minutes. Take away the sausage meat from their casings and add them along with the mushrooms & onions, continue saute. When meat turns brownish, add white wine.  Put the flame higher to make the alcohol evaporate and then finally, after the alcohol evaporates, add the tomato sauce.  Let the sauce boil, you can add a pit of pepper at this stage .  Put down the flame after it boils.  Simmer for 30 minute.  Make sure the sauce doesn’t dry out.  When you see it drying out, add some water and add salt & pepper.  The sausages are already salted so, very little salt if needed.  Meanwhile get your pasta to boil and as soon as the pasta is ready, serve it with the sauce, garnish with lots of ground pepper….

Simple quick weeknight dinner…

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