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Easy Peasy Calcutta Egg Rolls

We are shifting appartments, this weekend is dedicated to packers and movers. All my life I have been in and out of boxes, dad held a transferable job, traveled cities countries, continents and in all 28 years prior to marriage I changed 22 houses so once I got married to P I felt now I will be able to stabilize in to domestic bliss,… Continue reading Easy Peasy Calcutta Egg Rolls

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Tangy Kofta Bites:

Have you ever had a craving for kebabs ? I mean you are like I want kebab period… I do, but right in the next instant I am reminded that it takes a long time to make kebabs; the marinade, the resting, the slow cooking, I will be dead by then.  We don’t have a… Continue reading Tangy Kofta Bites:

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Jhatpat Khana (quick Lunch)

There are days when you really, do not want to spend time in the kitchen. Even for a person like me who enjoys cooking I need my break.. But when you have a hungry husband who decides to come home for a late lunch, you not only need something plate-full but belly full. But I… Continue reading Jhatpat Khana (quick Lunch)


Baigan ka Bharta; courtesy Aman Kahlon..

I recently joined this lovely food forum online and made some wonderful wonderful friends. So when I had to fix tonight’s dinner, I wondered why not ask my new friends as to what I should make and the unanimous votes went to Baigan ka bharta (please do not make me translate that. Then a very… Continue reading Baigan ka Bharta; courtesy Aman Kahlon..

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Spicy Kerala Chicken…

My love for Keralite  food  goes a long way. One reason, my folks went visited Kerala few months before I was born. Second reason, they visited Kerala again after a year and a half of my birth (with out me) and mum says that she had eaten so much of the  food there that it must have… Continue reading Spicy Kerala Chicken…

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A Bowlful or A Soulful…

When we talk of comfort food, the one thing that comes to my mind is Chicken soup (if you are a non-vegetarian). Be it a cold winter evening, or down with flu, or simply a weeknight after a long busy day or just one of those days when you know you could do with a… Continue reading A Bowlful or A Soulful…

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Rajasthani Kadhi

Having grown up in Delhi, for the most part of my life, I have learnt to love the food of the region. To be honest, it did not start voluntarily, the climate, the availability played an important part… I remember when we first moved to Delhi, it was the height of summer, and our Cook-Housekeeper whom… Continue reading Rajasthani Kadhi

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Kumror Chechki (Pumpkin stir-fry the Bengali way)

One of the more interesting things about bengali cuisine is the names our dishes have very interesting names, chechki, chachra, labra, chocchori, panch mishali , elo jhelo, puli pitha, labra and so on..  Coming from a long line of Bangal (people originally from Bangladesh) and having married a part Bangal, these things work great with out pallet. I… Continue reading Kumror Chechki (Pumpkin stir-fry the Bengali way)

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A Bong favourite; Long overdue..

Take a Bong (Bengalis as they are colloquially known) and ask him his favourite vegetarian dish, though it might take him a while as we Bengalis are spoiled for choice, I am pretty sure Aloo Posto ( Potato with poppy seeds ) will definitely make it on to that list.. Next only to Fish curry and… Continue reading A Bong favourite; Long overdue..

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Rocky Brownies

Who likes chocolates.. raise your hand…. Alright that is a silly question.. In a room full of people only a sad case / or cocoa intolerant person would sit mum.. I have not come across the latter, so it has to be the former.. What I basically mean is that it is so bloody hard to… Continue reading Rocky Brownies