Be Back Soon

Its been a while since I posted something.. To be very honest, life has just been one big bummer… Frustrations, flaring temper, anger management, loss of loved ones (too many for one year) and in all this my love for food just seemed to have taken a back seat… But it is time to put myself together and guess what a dear friend has requested for a guest post, a traditional Bengali vegetarian dish, now that makes me happy… Plus you know what else makes me happy, groceries, tomorrow is grocery day, that meas fresh produce and more things to work on this weekend… I have ideas looming in my head…Oh and guess what,my husband has agreed to read my tarot cards…I am super super excited, for once I am not the reader, the excitement, the nervousness, the sweaty palms, oh what fun, I get to experience them…. Loving the idea..  All that and more.. Promise to be back with all that and more……..

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