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Easy Peasy Calcutta Egg Rolls

We are shifting appartments, this weekend is dedicated to packers and movers. All my life I have been in and out of boxes, dad held a transferable job, traveled cities countries, continents and in all 28 years prior to marriage I changed 22 houses so once I got married to P I felt now I will be able to stabilize in to domestic bliss, how wrong was I. I mean I am extremely happy to be with P but we haven’t been married a year and this is house no. 2 and before we hit anniversary 2 , I have a gut feeling it might be house no. 3. So there you go.. I know the perils of shifting, the packing, the whole forgetting about the time factor and what not..

Growing up in Kolkata had its perks, the Puchkas, the Jhalmuris, the gorom singara from the parar misti dokan, kochuri, aloor torkari and what not. The best of the lot was roll. I remember when Ma would go for her weekly marketing to Garihat market, I would get my roll, egg rol to be specific. The long ques in front of Shahazada Roll corner, and rolls being dispensed from the small window where the man behind the counter would yell dada single dim na double dim er roll (single egg or double egg roll). Sweltering heat or those winter evenings or even on those rainy days roll corners would always be crowded and that is one food, ma never refused. I remember I would tag along with her and first statement was hobe hobe jalash na, aage kaaj ta shari (you will get it, don’t nag, let me first finish the work). Even today, I could give anything for a roll. Even get drenched in the rain

Every time, I land in Kolkata, there are 2 things I just have to have, puchka and roll, needless to say, I am told that you have lived out of the country for way too long and your your belly is not in position to handle them. I would be I like hang it, there are enough medicines to take care of that but roll there is only one.. You cannot replace with that any other thing…

The journey of roll does not end here. Delhi has its share. Nizam’s roll in Connaught Place has made a mark on its own right or those unnamed roll corners in C.R. Park. I remember baba and ma would bring those brown paper packs smelling of onions and chicken and instantly, my face would light up, roll has arrived.. Nizams or Shahazada, or Hulchul or rahamania and many more snack shop, roll continues to rule not just the Bengali pallet but the bengali heart.

Coming back to shifting. By the time the first share was done it was way past dinner time tonight and we were hungry, needed something quick so that is when it struck me khidey payeche ma roll khabo (I am hungry and I want roll). P the ever sweet ever accommodating happily nodded…


  • Parathas ( iused ready made flour paratha by the kawan company) but you can make yours
  • Egg-1 per roll
  • Milk 1 tabs
  • salt
  • Onions -sliced (half)
  • chilly (green, chopped into tiny bits)
  • Lime juice
  • Tomato sauce








Start with beating the egg with the milk and salt. Heat a nonstick pan or tava with oil and then add the eggs as if you were making an omlette. As the egg begins to settle, add the paratha on top of it and let it cook on medium heat for about 2-4 mins. then turn the paratha. This is your inside of the roll. Once the other side is cooked place it over a flat surface on a napkin or brown paper. Please do not use grease proof paper the fun is all gone..The oil of the roll has to be on your fingers. Stuff it with the fillings, lime juice and roll it up along with the napkin.  Roll is ready to be devoured..

Childhood relived with every single bite..

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