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Chicken Stroganoff

Who ever said that Russian cusine was bland and dull, is sadly mistaken.  The person was surly devoid of tasting Stroganoff.  Though over the years this recipe has come up with various variations but the basic remains the same; meat cooked in sauce and served over a pasta base.  Various explanations are given for the… Continue reading Chicken Stroganoff

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Dry Mutton Andhra Style:

I don’t have a story with this recipe, except, I had eaten this dish at a friend’s place . She told me that traditionally, it is cooked with gravy, but her mother makes it dry and the meat is actually broken along with bones, because the bones in turn add juice and flavour to the dish. Since… Continue reading Dry Mutton Andhra Style:

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Pebor Chingri Dalna (Pebo’s Prawn curry with cauliflower and potatoes)

Every single food has a story associated with it, the ones we eat for the first time, the ones, we would go back to over and over again, sort of a comfort food thing, then there are those we try out of cook books, cuisines from another land with their share of  tales, Finally, there are those… Continue reading Pebor Chingri Dalna (Pebo’s Prawn curry with cauliflower and potatoes)

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Aloo Palak (Spinach and Potato) Not the conventional way

The earliest memories of Aloo Palak dates back to my school lunch box, when my mother would whip up quick vegetable delight which would be devoured with generous bites of chapatti carefully wrapped in foil paper to preserve their warmth.Due to lack of time, ma would just mix the spinach with the potatoes , instead… Continue reading Aloo Palak (Spinach and Potato) Not the conventional way

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Daal Chaawal on a rainy day ( rice and daal{lentils} on a rainy day)

It had been raining all day yesterday, dark clouds, the thunder, the lighting and gust of wind. This was the perfect weather for Khichuri and begun bhaja, but I wanted something more soothing, something more comforting and there is nothing like daal bhaat . I remember as a child after we came back from a… Continue reading Daal Chaawal on a rainy day ( rice and daal{lentils} on a rainy day)

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Travel and then Kancha Lanka Murgi (Chicken with green chilies)

One of the best things I love about the East Coast is that how green it is. Summer months are just splendid. One drives through the highway and on either sides you have lush green forests, little creeks, streams and you come out with your picnic baskets, laze around the park, does not have to… Continue reading Travel and then Kancha Lanka Murgi (Chicken with green chilies)

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Egg-less Tuesdays

Tuesdays are vegetarian for us, period!! Now that coming from a bong, is well to say the least, surprising. The thing is the bong in me still does not understand why I have to be a vegetarian on a particular day and that is when the Delhite in me answers, you grew up in northern… Continue reading Egg-less Tuesdays

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Brunch this week….

Don’t you just love weekends, no morning rush, no 9’o clock meetings and to top it all no Lunch boxes to pack. Weekends are just reserved for lazying around, aimless strolls in the park, we have one right behind our apartment. One of the things I love about this part of the world is the quiet Saturday and… Continue reading Brunch this week….

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Chingri Kalia

We  moved. After slowly settling down in our new apartment, P demanded “it is time to celebrate and for any Bong, celebration means food and if there is fish  all the better. Time to hit my fishmonger. The guy had some of the gorgeous shrimps, though I have to admit if only they were slightly… Continue reading Chingri Kalia

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Shorshe Pabda.. Satisfaction Personified…

It was raining all day that Sunday, Dark clouds looming , the thunderstorm, the lighting flashes, the weather man warned that there would be no sunshine that weekend. Perched up on my diwan next to the window I could see the rain hitting against the window pane and for some reason . The rain that day was… Continue reading Shorshe Pabda.. Satisfaction Personified…