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Chingri Kalia

We  moved. After slowly settling down in our new apartment, P demanded “it is time to celebrate and for any Bong, celebration means food and if there is fish  all the better. Time to hit my fishmonger. The guy had some of the gorgeous shrimps, though I have to admit if only they were slightly bigger in size. But they were fresh and juicy so it was decided Ajj barite chingri hobey (We will have shrimps tonight). The only thing, I am tired of cooking Malaikari (a favourite prawn prep amongst Bongs) and I wanted something different, yet a Bengali dish. I could do Palak chingri but no, would not work, I could call ma back except she lives on the other corner of the world, so that would not work. Internet to the rescue, Google along and that is when Preetanjali’s Blog Preeoccupied  came to the rescue.  Fantastic food blog to start with 😀 She had this gorgeous Chingri maacher Kalia, posted and it was like Mum’s cooking. So there you are. I got the recipe from her. The Proportion was double because I used 15 Pieces of Medium to large Shrimps, otherwise the recipe is still the same , to the T.

Recipe at Chingri Kalia  Thank you Preetanjali 😀

My Proportions:

15 medium to large shrimps/ prawns
1 large potato peeled and quartered
1 large red onion very finely chopped
2 large juicy tomato coarsely chopped
1.5 tablespoon green chili paste
1.5 tablespoon ginger paste
1.5 tablespoon garlic paste
3 teaspoons red chili powder
2 + 2.5 teaspoons turmeric powder
2-3 green cardamoms
1 small cinnamon stick
2 bay leaves
2-3 cloves
3-4 tablespoons ghee
Pinch of garam masala powder
Sugar and Salt to taste.

There are 2 ingredients that I did not use with is on Preetanjali’s recipe, one is Black cardamom as I do not like the smell and secondly coriander leaves, I ran out of them. The procedure for the recipe is the same as hers.

I will leave you with some images…




Celebration in true Bong style, happy tummy and happy Hubby…..



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