Remnants of the Summer gone by!! Strawberry Cake

My last post was dedicated to Autumn, this one is an ode to the glorious summer gone by.. Contrary to many, I do not have a single favorite season, the reason, I feel every season as something wonderful to offer. Where Autumn has the riot of colors to offer, Summer is a reminder of endless procrastination in the afternoon sun, long… Continue reading Remnants of the Summer gone by!! Strawberry Cake


Hello Fall!! Apple Cinnamon Cake…

The third season of the year is here and my favorite of all, fall.  Fall is very comforting, a reminder of the glorious summer gone by and the  courage to brave the long dreary winter. The best thing about this season are the colors, when the brilliant greens give way to fiery red, bright orange and mellowed… Continue reading Hello Fall!! Apple Cinnamon Cake…

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Lau er malakari; care of BongMom

If you are like me, that is, far away from home and intense craving for Bengali food, then Bong Mom’s cookbook   by Sandeepa Mukherjee Dutta is just the site you need . Simple home cooked food instantly transporting you back to your childhood days and the nostalgia of home, mother’s cooking and what not. Every… Continue reading Lau er malakari; care of BongMom