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When Dinner gets tough.. freezer gets easy… Kathi rolls

You have good days and bad days, long days and short days, happy days and sad days, then you have busy days and lazy days..I have my lazy days  when I feel like doing nothing, by nothing, i mean literally nothing. I would not cook even if my life depended on it, may be I… Continue reading When Dinner gets tough.. freezer gets easy… Kathi rolls

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Tuesday Trials and then Aloo Capsicum

You know know you are completely out of ideas when you are cooking aloo capsicum for dinner. I mean really out of ideas. This is one dish every well almost every Indian must have tasted at some point of their lives, and more if they have spent some time in hostels, mess etc. I remember… Continue reading Tuesday Trials and then Aloo Capsicum

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Monday Inspirations…. Bharwan Bhindi

There are days when I cook, chicken curry, lal maas, chingrir jhaal and then there are days when I have bag full of Bhindi staring at me from the vegetable tray. Believe me I need a lot of inspiration to cook bhindi. Not particularly a fan of this lady finger.  I remember this was about… Continue reading Monday Inspirations…. Bharwan Bhindi


Dhaba Style Chicken Curry

It has been so long , almost a year since I last blogged,, A lot has happened since then.. I moved 2 continents, worked like anything.. lost a loved one, shifted 2 apartments, the list is never ending.. Well all that is in the past, now its time to get back to living my life… Continue reading Dhaba Style Chicken Curry