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When Dinner gets tough.. freezer gets easy… Kathi rolls

You have good days and bad days, long days and short days, happy days and sad days, then you have busy days and lazy days..I have my lazy days  when I feel like doing nothing, by nothing, i mean literally nothing. I would not cook even if my life depended on it, may be I would but you know what I mean. I would lounge around in my pyjamas and read the whole day, speak over the telephone , watch a movie, basically, anything to avoid work or any thing related to it. Yesterday was one such day for me. I literally did nothing, zero , zit..

1980-01-01 00.00.54

Apart from watching Air Crash Investigations, I love that show, I specially record it, if I miss an episode, an ardent follower  since its inception in in 2003, and every episode that followed since then. P says I am crazy, how can air crash interest you, I mean people die or almost die and you enjoy watching it? Well I like the whole technical aspect of it. The bottom line is I love that show. So I spent the evening watching re runs and I was no mood to cook, but dinner was essential and take away did not seem inviting. However, the freezer is always a big help when you don’t want to cook. So dinner under 30 mins, with a little help from the sous chef; aka my freezer.

Chicken Kabab

My Secret chef (this is photo is not taken by me)

Ready to eat Kathi rolls:


  • Box of ready to eat sheek kabak, I used Bombay Kitchen ; you can use any, ( In India; you get them in new swanky butcher shops.. Green Chick shop in Delhi for one I know..)
  • Yogurt- 6-8 table spoons
  • Mint chutney-5 table spoons
  • Onion-1 thinly sliced
  • green chilly- 1-2 chopped
  • lime juice-1 lime
  • Chapattis – as many rolls as you want- (these were home made, I used 4)
  • Paper towel- to hold the roll

1980-01-01 00.02.15


Cook the kebabs as per instruction, mine said to microwave for 4 mins on high. Next in a bowl mix the yogurt and the mint chutney to make a yogurt based dip, you can add a pinch of pepper if you wish. Now make the chapattis you are making fresh like me, other wise heat them at this point. Next on a flat surface, preferably a chopping board, first spread the yogurt dip, next spread the onion slices and the green chilly. Finally place the sheek kabab and sprinkle lemon juice and wrap it up, with a foil or a napkin or kitchen roll   to hold it in place.. Voila dinner is served..

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