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Aloo Dum from Pritha Sen’s recipe

If there was one vegetable you could vote to be the most useful of the lot, I would say potato. We Indian’s did not invent it, but we Indian’s surely know how to make full use of potatoes, be it bhaji, sabzi, paratha, accompanied in Chicken or Mutton curry or even with cauliflower and best… Continue reading Aloo Dum from Pritha Sen’s recipe

Bhuna or Kosha · chicken · Valentine's Day

Bhalentine’s Day bhith Bhuna Chicken

Unlike, most teen-agers and many adults who go all weak on their knees reading love cards and love letters, girls giggling and gushing over the gifts, a coffee date or even a rose from their supposed secret crush; I had no such experience, first, I went to an all girl’s school ( a Birla school… Continue reading Bhalentine’s Day bhith Bhuna Chicken

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Spicy Mushroom Stir-fry on toast

Weekdays are so busy, work, house work, outdoor work you name it, the list is simply unending. The days we work from home, it is worse, unending conference calls, chains of email and amidst that taking your bath, vacuuming the house… believe me it is easier to work from the office.. In all this thinking about… Continue reading Spicy Mushroom Stir-fry on toast

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Slow-Cooked Mutton Curry

There are some dishes, techniques and tastes that have stood the test of time and have been an integral  part of our culinary journey. Their tastes have lingered and we are ever so thankful to the chefs, who were the first ever to cook them and diligently passed it down to the generations for us… Continue reading Slow-Cooked Mutton Curry

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Visit to Philly and Chinese New Year Dinner

I Love Philadelphia, I simply love that city, my 2nd most favourite city in the world (not counting Delhi) after London. There is something about this city.  It is a major metropolis, yet there’s a sense of place here you don’t always find in a big city and unlike other big cities in America, it… Continue reading Visit to Philly and Chinese New Year Dinner

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Saraswati Puja and Thammar stew on a winter afternoon..

When I was a child, Saraswati puja was an important affair. We celebrated Saraswati Puja in my Paternal Grandparent’s place. Every year a day before the puja we would all gather at my thakurda’s (paternal grandpa) place and get busy with the decorations and arrangements. Ma and Jethi ( father’s older brother’s wife) would painstakingly… Continue reading Saraswati Puja and Thammar stew on a winter afternoon..

30 mins or less · Angel Hair · garlic · olive oil · pasta

Snow Day Lunch.

It has been snowing all day today, incessantly. There was no way , one could make it to work, to be honest, I could not make it to my porch or balcony.  I have been drinking copious amount of tea and snuggling in with a book. Snow day cooking is all about cooking comfort food… Continue reading Snow Day Lunch.

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Pepper Chicken

I do not have a story for this post, except I came across the recipe other day and found the flavours very interesting. I was not quite sure but I still decided to give it a try. Though the combination of the spices and the sauce was unusual or should I say rather different, it… Continue reading Pepper Chicken