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Orange Cauliflower

It is said that one cannot eat too much meat. If you are a hard core carnivore, you could eat meat every day. I was like that. I am self confessed meat lover. I eat all kinds, the usual and the not so usual ones as well. But lately, I have had this thing about… Continue reading Orange Cauliflower

eggs · tomatoes

Poached eggs in Tomato Sauce

There are times when you come across a recipe and you are like I have to make this right now, even though you have already slated your Dinner menu, that one look at those beautiful photo and you are just in Love with the food. Food blogs are harmful they should come with a statutory… Continue reading Poached eggs in Tomato Sauce

eggplant · prawns

Begun Shundori

Its been a while since I last wrote. So here I am. I simple love Shrimps or Prawns as I like to call them. Ma makes this dish with begun ( eggplant), prawns and pyaj koli ( scallions) . ┬áIt was one the finest thing she ever cooked.. While I love her cooking, sometime back… Continue reading Begun Shundori