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Raspberry White Chocolate loaf

Labor Day weekend is over. Which means summer is officially on its way out. Now, this makes me sad, this means good bye to The precious four months of lovely sunny, warm weather and the wait for the long cold hard mid-west winters. The summer months here are so delightful, you wish they never ends.… Continue reading Raspberry White Chocolate loaf


Cookies and smiles

You don’t need an occasion to bake cookies, you don’t need a reason to bake cookies and you definitely don’t need a reason to eat them.. But so you are wondering the holiday season is just one more excuse to gorge on them… You know what are three items I buy most this time of the year actually make it… Continue reading Cookies and smiles

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Cupcakes and celebrations

Its that time of the year again.. Holiday season!! Lots of baking, cooking, dining, drinking you name it and I am on to it.. We just went past Thanksgiving and Diwali, I have just been gorging through the last couple of months, Gym, yoga seem to have no impact what so ever.. I love baking,… Continue reading Cupcakes and celebrations


Blueberry Muffins to die for..

My obsession with berries continues. We visited this amazing fruit and vegetable market;  If you are looking for a standard grocery store where things are kept tidily in stacks, price coded, and  ready to be scrutinized and picked up by the customers then you will be disappointed but, there are some stacks here and there but for most… Continue reading Blueberry Muffins to die for..

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Rocky Brownies

Who likes chocolates.. raise your hand…. Alright that is a silly question.. In a room full of people only a sad case / or cocoa intolerant person would sit mum.. I have not come across the latter, so it has to be the former.. What I basically mean is that it is so bloody hard to… Continue reading Rocky Brownies