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Lau er malakari; care of BongMom

If you are like me, that is, far away from home and intense craving for Bengali food, then Bong Mom’s cookbook   by Sandeepa Mukherjee Dutta is just the site you need . Simple home cooked food instantly transporting you back to your childhood days and the nostalgia of home, mother’s cooking and what not. Every… Continue reading Lau er malakari; care of BongMom

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Chingri Kalia

We  moved. After slowly settling down in our new apartment, P demanded “it is time to celebrate and for any Bong, celebration means food and if there is fish  all the better. Time to hit my fishmonger. The guy had some of the gorgeous shrimps, though I have to admit if only they were slightly… Continue reading Chingri Kalia

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A Bong favourite; Long overdue..

Take a Bong (Bengalis as they are colloquially known) and ask him his favourite vegetarian dish, though it might take him a while as we Bengalis are spoiled for choice, I am pretty sure Aloo Posto ( Potato with poppy seeds ) will definitely make it on to that list.. Next only to Fish curry and… Continue reading A Bong favourite; Long overdue..

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Robibarer Mangsho (Sunday meat curry)

The thing is a Bengali would give anything, practically anything for Mangsho bhaat, (meat and rice) and my husband is no different… P’s love affair with Mutton is strong that his wife might just have to compete for his affection…. So after a whole load of research, I managed to locate a Bengali Grocery store… Continue reading Robibarer Mangsho (Sunday meat curry)