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Canoli Pound Cake and the love for Ricotta

I normally don’t bake recipes with multiple ingredients or a very long recipe on weekdays. Its too much work, after a long hard day of work, multiple errands and countless chores, I just cannot get my self to pull out the stand mixer and measure every ingredient and then time the mix, spoon them carefully and… Continue reading Canoli Pound Cake and the love for Ricotta

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Raspberry White Chocolate loaf

Labor Day weekend is over. Which means summer is officially on its way out. Now, this makes me sad, this means good bye to The precious four months of lovely sunny, warm weather and the wait for the long cold hard mid-west winters. The summer months here are so delightful, you wish they never ends.… Continue reading Raspberry White Chocolate loaf

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Olive Oil Chocolate Cake

Lets face it we all love chocolate cake. A flavour that has stood the test of time. The best thing about chocolate cake is that the basic recipe is simple, ingredients easily available and they are easily available.  But you can always work around the basics and turn them into something gorgeous.  This particular cake is… Continue reading Olive Oil Chocolate Cake


Hello Fall!! Apple Cinnamon Cake…

The third season of the year is here and my favorite of all, fall.  Fall is very comforting, a reminder of the glorious summer gone by and the  courage to brave the long dreary winter. The best thing about this season are the colors, when the brilliant greens give way to fiery red, bright orange and mellowed… Continue reading Hello Fall!! Apple Cinnamon Cake…

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Egg-less Tuesdays

Tuesdays are vegetarian for us, period!! Now that coming from a bong, is well to say the least, surprising. The thing is the bong in me still does not understand why I have to be a vegetarian on a particular day and that is when the Delhite in me answers, you grew up in northern… Continue reading Egg-less Tuesdays

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Cake and the Memories

I cook when I am happy, I cook, when I am sad, but I cook mostly, I want to be alone, I find comfort in them.. The familiar smell of spices, the crackling of cardamom and cinnamon calms me… I feel like I am home, I am in my domain.. I could spend all day in… Continue reading Cake and the Memories

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Cake Bake!!

I guess cake are arguably by far the most favourite happy food ever invented.. There is just some thing about them that makes you happy… I mean I walk into a bakery shop and all I can do is just drool over the lovely cakes and the decorations Paul Bakery  and Patisserie Valerie being my two favourite… Continue reading Cake Bake!!

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Orangy Wonderful..

Orange it is just so wonderful.. Tangy, sweet, sour bursting with flavour… I love the fruit so such so that I named my blog after it and off course  Joanne Harris I use a lot of orange for baking.. This particular cake is a favourite with my mom and every couple of months or so I… Continue reading Orangy Wonderful..