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Goalondo Chicken Curry

The first time I heard of Goalondo Chicken curry was from my Dimma (maternal Grandmother). Dimma was born in Chandpur, present day Bangladesh and raised in Rangoon, Burma. Her father, my great-grandfather or Dadabhai as we called him was an academic and educationist in the Rangoon University. Dimma would share countless stories about her travels through… Continue reading Goalondo Chicken Curry

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Chicken with Caramrlised Onion and Cardamom Rice

What is like to move to a new city ? I should know that by now, 3 continents and numerous cities. Yet, after all these years movement and relocation does not get any easier. It scares me, I am afraid that I may not be able to set my roots anywhere. Just when I start… Continue reading Chicken with Caramrlised Onion and Cardamom Rice

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Picnic Murgi

The new year is finally here and well, it is not so new any more. I see resolutions breaking, old habits reverberating and life is back to the grind. As for me, for years I have resisted this whole thing of making resolutions for they are always meant to be broken. I have seen very… Continue reading Picnic Murgi

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Saag Murg

What a year it has been!! Last 6 months I have been moving and traveling all over thanks to work and work and more work and off course work.. I have been all over the place and after across 3 continents  numerous cities, countless hours on very long tiring flights, I have finally made my… Continue reading Saag Murg

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Tandoori Chicken

Summer is long gone and Autumn is on its way out. The long hard winter is almost here, but I just pray the winters here in north California are not as bad as that of New Jersey. I cannot deal with another winter like that. So time to put the barbecue grills away but we… Continue reading Tandoori Chicken

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Dahi Methi Murg

Unlike my last blog post, where the recipe happened by accident, this one well, I have worked my way through  and I am happy to say, I have come up with a version which sits well with the pallet, not to mention a family favourite. But it has taken time. My first version of Dahi… Continue reading Dahi Methi Murg

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Mauritian Chicken Duabe Curry

This recipe happened by accident. Lately, I have been reading a lot about Goalondo Chicken curry on food forums and how they came into being, not to mention the zillion versions that float over the internet. Few years back I had read this book, Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh where he talks of among st… Continue reading Mauritian Chicken Duabe Curry

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KanchaLanka Murgi revisited…

This is a post I had written during my initial days of blogging, but the recipe stuck to me. This is not something I grew up eating or a dish that came from my mother’s or grandma’s kitchen. I have heard apparently, Oh Calcutta ( a Bengali restaurant chain in India) does a damn good… Continue reading KanchaLanka Murgi revisited…

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Chicken Shiken Ho jaaye…

Tandoori chicken, is perhaps one of the most iconic recipes from India. It has attained great culinary heights and rubbed shoulders withe fois gras and caviar by featuring in royal banquets in Britain and else where in Europe. It was President Clinton’s favourite food, need we say more? Traditionally, cooked in a cylindrical clay oven,… Continue reading Chicken Shiken Ho jaaye…

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Bhalentine’s Day bhith Bhuna Chicken

Unlike, most teen-agers and many adults who go all weak on their knees reading love cards and love letters, girls giggling and gushing over the gifts, a coffee date or even a rose from their supposed secret crush; I had no such experience, first, I went to an all girl’s school ( a Birla school… Continue reading Bhalentine’s Day bhith Bhuna Chicken