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Cupcakes and celebrations

Its that time of the year again.. Holiday season!! Lots of baking, cooking, dining, drinking you name it and I am on to it.. We just went past Thanksgiving and Diwali, I have just been gorging through the last couple of months, Gym, yoga seem to have no impact what so ever.. I love baking,… Continue reading Cupcakes and celebrations

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Peanut butter OCD

There are few things in this world, I am obsessed with, books, travel and off course peanut butter… Last week I was at this amazing store that sells organic stuff.. And the first thing I came across was Peanut Butter.. Oh God.. I mean I can resist a lot of things but not this… The… Continue reading Peanut butter OCD

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Happy Birthday Mum!!!

You never really need an excuse to bake cup cakes.. But if you have one… I am not complaining.. It was Mum’s Birthday yesterday…. What fun and no birthday is complete without a cake…. Now much as we all like to admire the pretty cakes in the pastry chops; I would much rather bake mine… Continue reading Happy Birthday Mum!!!

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Cup Cakes :D

I kept my promise!! Cup cakes are here… It took me a while to finally get around to baking them.. As they say patience pays…. While I was at work today, I kept thinking cup cakes cup cakes.. the thing is most of the time I think of food these days pretty much any where..… Continue reading Cup Cakes 😀