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Cold Egg Noodles

What a week it has been.. Family visiting, house full, lots of fun filled evenings and to top it all food  glorious food. My in-laws are in town and that means all sorts of demands in terms of food. My ma-in-law is only too happy to oblige.  She has been dishing out some of my… Continue reading Cold Egg Noodles

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Poached eggs in Tomato Sauce

There are times when you come across a recipe and you are like I have to make this right now, even though you have already slated your Dinner menu, that one look at those beautiful photo and you are just in Love with the food. Food blogs are harmful they should come with a statutory… Continue reading Poached eggs in Tomato Sauce

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Hotel Kitchen

At Giradelli Square It has been a while since I last wrote, reason we moved. Work has brought us to the other corner of United States. Yes, we now live on the West Coast. Northern California . The last one month has been crazy to say the least. Packing boxes, house hunt; the list is… Continue reading Hotel Kitchen

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Happy Summers…

Memorial day just got over.. 3 wonderful days of absolutely doing nothing feels great.. Even no cooking, sometimes, even though I love to cook, there are days when you just want to .. The last 3 days have been fantastic.. We went to parks, on walks, caught 3 lovely movies, oh and to mention, tried… Continue reading Happy Summers…

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An Omlette

Saturday mornings are the best days of the week… I mean after a hectic week that is all I look forward to.. No early mornings, no grogginess, and most important, no rushing through food.. You know something, I hate rushing through food, it totally puts me off eating … This is the only other day… Continue reading An Omlette

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Saturday Brunch!!

Weekends are usually very lazy for the both of us…  5days of packed schedule, work, gym, grocery shopping late night calls to offices back in Asia, weekend is the only thing my husband and I look forward to, from Monday morning on… Saturday Morning is my favourite day, I still know I have one more… Continue reading Saturday Brunch!!

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We all love eggs.. well ok most of us do… I seem to share a deep connection with them.. I love them so much so that as a child I remember biting through a hard boiled egg before de-shelling it.. Yes, you read that right.. I can eat eggs pretty much in any form at… Continue reading Eggcellent

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Sunday Breakfast..

Aah Sundays are just wonderful.. Wake up at whatever time you want (actually I do that on Saturdays but works on either of the weekends).. Laze around in your Pyjamas with that never ending mug of coffee..  Glance through the papers, or not if you work for a media house… One thing I wouldn’t do… Continue reading Sunday Breakfast..