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Notes from the Kerala Kitchen..

Keralite food is just ever so yummy.. There are so easy to make… effortless cooking…. But those on Google as in recipes.. may not be the best option… But then, I don’t have any one remotely related to me that hails from Kerala so a roadblock there… The last time I went to that part… Continue reading Notes from the Kerala Kitchen..

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A street food favourite

There are lot of things that join Kolkatans ¬†or Calcuttans but the one common thing is food and when it comes to food, street food is pretty much there on the top of the chart. And in that every kolkatan has a fixation for rolls.. They simply yearn for it and it is same across… Continue reading A street food favourite

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Sunday Breakfast..

Aah Sundays are just wonderful.. Wake up at whatever time you want (actually I do that on Saturdays but works on either of the weekends).. Laze around in your Pyjamas with that never ending mug of coffee.. ¬†Glance through the papers, or not if you work for a media house… One thing I wouldn’t do… Continue reading Sunday Breakfast..