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Amritsari Tawa Mutton

I love traveling. If there were two things I could absolutely positively live without it would have to be books and travel oh and may be food . But I could live on bread and milk and cereal bars for a while, but if you asked me to like without books and travel, you could… Continue reading Amritsari Tawa Mutton

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New Year with Bhuna Mutton Dobara

Happy New Year every one. How was your holiday season? Mine was full of back aches, flu and oh well yes there were the parties too. But mostly, the holiday season was spent resting. So much so that I could not get myself to write a blog post. But  with the New Year comes new… Continue reading New Year with Bhuna Mutton Dobara

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Subho Bijoya with Nepalese Bhutwa

Subho Bijoya and Happy Dusshera. This post has been long over due and I am seriously late, given that Lakkhi Pujo is over too. This is very un-bengali of me. My grandfather ( maternal ) use to say that any one wishing Bijoya after Lakkhi pujo is late and would not get any of the… Continue reading Subho Bijoya with Nepalese Bhutwa

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Slow-Cooked Mutton Curry

There are some dishes, techniques and tastes that have stood the test of time and have been an integral  part of our culinary journey. Their tastes have lingered and we are ever so thankful to the chefs, who were the first ever to cook them and diligently passed it down to the generations for us… Continue reading Slow-Cooked Mutton Curry

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Dry Mutton Andhra Style:

I don’t have a story with this recipe, except, I had eaten this dish at a friend’s place . She told me that traditionally, it is cooked with gravy, but her mother makes it dry and the meat is actually broken along with bones, because the bones in turn add juice and flavour to the dish. Since… Continue reading Dry Mutton Andhra Style: