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Autumn with Gobi Aloo

It has been a beautiful Summer. We enjoyed 3 lovely months of Sunshine, travel and BBQ. So far the seasons here in California have been beautiful. We traveled along the Pacific Coast, picnicked on the shores of Lake Tahoe and even tried our luck in the Casinos of Reno. San Francisco is beautiful during summer.… Continue reading Autumn with Gobi Aloo

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Tuesday Trials and then Aloo Capsicum

You know know you are completely out of ideas when you are cooking aloo capsicum for dinner. I mean really out of ideas. This is one dish every well almost every Indian must have tasted at some point of their lives, and more if they have spent some time in hostels, mess etc. I remember… Continue reading Tuesday Trials and then Aloo Capsicum

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Aloo Palak (Spinach and Potato) Not the conventional way

The earliest memories of Aloo Palak dates back to my school lunch box, when my mother would whip up quick vegetable delight which would be devoured with generous bites of chapatti carefully wrapped in foil paper to preserve their warmth.Due to lack of time, ma would just mix the spinach with the potatoes , instead… Continue reading Aloo Palak (Spinach and Potato) Not the conventional way

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A Bong favourite; Long overdue..

Take a Bong (Bengalis as they are colloquially known) and ask him his favourite vegetarian dish, though it might take him a while as we Bengalis are spoiled for choice, I am pretty sure Aloo Posto ( Potato with poppy seeds ) will definitely make it on to that list.. Next only to Fish curry and… Continue reading A Bong favourite; Long overdue..

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Robibarer Mangsho (Sunday meat curry)

The thing is a Bengali would give anything, practically anything for Mangsho bhaat, (meat and rice) and my husband is no different… P’s love affair with Mutton is strong that his wife might just have to compete for his affection…. So after a whole load of research, I managed to locate a Bengali Grocery store… Continue reading Robibarer Mangsho (Sunday meat curry)

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Kalojeera diye Aloo (Potato with Nigella seeds)

There are some dishes you never stop loving.. for me it is kalojeera diye aloor torkari.. I have loved this vegetable dish since I can remember.. As a kid all I wanted in my lunch box was luchi and aloor torkari.. Not that I got my wish every-time, but Sunday mornings were special, mum would… Continue reading Kalojeera diye Aloo (Potato with Nigella seeds)