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Begun Shundori

Its been a while since I last wrote. So here I am. I simple love Shrimps or Prawns as I like to call them. Ma makes this dish with begun ( eggplant), prawns and pyaj koli ( scallions) .  It was one the finest thing she ever cooked.. While I love her cooking, sometime back… Continue reading Begun Shundori

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Visit to Philly and Chinese New Year Dinner

I Love Philadelphia, I simply love that city, my 2nd most favourite city in the world (not counting Delhi) after London. There is something about this city.  It is a major metropolis, yet there’s a sense of place here you don’t always find in a big city and unlike other big cities in America, it… Continue reading Visit to Philly and Chinese New Year Dinner

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Pebor Chingri Dalna (Pebo’s Prawn curry with cauliflower and potatoes)

Every single food has a story associated with it, the ones we eat for the first time, the ones, we would go back to over and over again, sort of a comfort food thing, then there are those we try out of cook books, cuisines from another land with their share of  tales, Finally, there are those… Continue reading Pebor Chingri Dalna (Pebo’s Prawn curry with cauliflower and potatoes)

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Chingri Kalia

We  moved. After slowly settling down in our new apartment, P demanded “it is time to celebrate and for any Bong, celebration means food and if there is fish  all the better. Time to hit my fishmonger. The guy had some of the gorgeous shrimps, though I have to admit if only they were slightly… Continue reading Chingri Kalia


A Prawn Quickie

Prawns… The word brings water in my mouth.. I start to salivate virulently… I just cannot seem to control myself.. I am terribly fond of seafood but nothing can replace this one..  . The sheer variety and the endless possibilities that you can create with this mere insect.. (well prawns are a kind of insect believe me)… Continue reading A Prawn Quickie

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Weeknight Dinners

Its a week night.. Had a fairly long day at work…  You know you have to cook.. You do not want to but you are hungry…. Now would you really do not have the energy to do anything and you can barely drag yourself to the kitchen… But you are hungry… Personally I hate take… Continue reading Weeknight Dinners