Remnants of the Summer gone by!! Strawberry Cake

My last post was dedicated to Autumn, this one is an ode to the glorious summer gone by.. Contrary to many, I do not have a single favorite season, the reason, I feel every season as something wonderful to offer. Where Autumn has the riot of colors to offer, Summer is a reminder of endless procrastination in the afternoon sun, long… Continue reading Remnants of the Summer gone by!! Strawberry Cake

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Happy Summers…

Memorial day just got over.. 3 wonderful days of absolutely doing nothing feels great.. Even no cooking, sometimes, even though I love to cook, there are days when you just want to .. The last 3 days have been fantastic.. We went to parks, on walks, caught 3 lovely movies, oh and to mention, tried… Continue reading Happy Summers…

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Summer Delights

Don’t you just love summers.. Long sunny days, cool breeze and not to mention lots of fresh vegetables… Though I am incredibly fond of meat and fish, vegetables excite me as well when they are nice and colourful…  Tuesdays are normally vegetarian for us, it is one of those once a week compulsory thing, kind… Continue reading Summer Delights