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Eggplant Curry and some random facts..

Its Friday, its rainy, I am at home and I have to cook lunch, and I am lazy, I don’t want to, oh well I am just being crabby. Last weekend was so much fun and I want a holiday .. Why can we not have Easter every Friday… Oh well wishful thinking..    … Continue reading Eggplant Curry and some random facts..

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Achari Paneer

We just got over Easter. The much needed long weekend break before the summer sets it. We took a vacation to the shores of Lake Tahoe. Stunning Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America, famous for its clarity, cobalt-blue water, and surrounding snow capped peaks. Straddling the state line between California and Nevada,… Continue reading Achari Paneer

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Aloo Dum from Pritha Sen’s recipe

If there was one vegetable you could vote to be the most useful of the lot, I would say potato. We Indian’s did not invent it, but we Indian’s surely know how to make full use of potatoes, be it bhaji, sabzi, paratha, accompanied in Chicken or Mutton curry or even with cauliflower and best… Continue reading Aloo Dum from Pritha Sen’s recipe

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Saraswati Puja and Thammar stew on a winter afternoon..

When I was a child, Saraswati puja was an important affair. We celebrated Saraswati Puja in my Paternal Grandparent’s place. Every year a day before the puja we would all gather at my thakurda’s (paternal grandpa) place and get busy with the decorations and arrangements. Ma and Jethi ( father’s older brother’s wife) would painstakingly… Continue reading Saraswati Puja and Thammar stew on a winter afternoon..

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Tuesday Trials and then Aloo Capsicum

You know know you are completely out of ideas when you are cooking aloo capsicum for dinner. I mean really out of ideas. This is one dish every well almost every Indian must have tasted at some point of their lives, and more if they have spent some time in hostels, mess etc. I remember… Continue reading Tuesday Trials and then Aloo Capsicum

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Monday Inspirations…. Bharwan Bhindi

There are days when I cook, chicken curry, lal maas, chingrir jhaal and then there are days when I have bag full of Bhindi staring at me from the vegetable tray. Believe me I need a lot of inspiration to cook bhindi. Not particularly a fan of this lady finger.  I remember this was about… Continue reading Monday Inspirations…. Bharwan Bhindi


Aman Kahlon’s Paneer Bhurji

Name of a dish is often derived from the way it is cooked and it is not peculiar to Bengali cuisine only. For instance Bharta basically means you smash and mix the ingredients, like baigan ka bharta (char-grilled eggplants smashed and cooked with spices.) .  Then there is Bhurji or bhujia which translated means scrambled. Anda Bhujia… Continue reading Aman Kahlon’s Paneer Bhurji