Bandakopir Ghonto ( A dry Cabbage dish); A bhog favourite

We Bengalis have peculiar name when it comes to food, chochori, chechki, labra, chachra and not to forget ghonto. How can something be called ghonto ? As a child I always thought it had something to do with bells, bells are known as ghonta in Bengali.  Off course that misconception was cleared and Ghonto is… Continue reading Bandakopir Ghonto ( A dry Cabbage dish); A bhog favourite

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A Bowlful or A Soulful…

When we talk of comfort food, the one thing that comes to my mind is Chicken soup (if you are a non-vegetarian). Be it a cold winter evening, or down with flu, or simply a weeknight after a long busy day or just one of those days when you know you could do with a… Continue reading A Bowlful or A Soulful…

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Penne a la Verdura

Pasta is something I simply love… It is so so easy to cook, whole some. You get your carb supply.. The mix of herbs and olive oil just peps up my appetite.. My love for Pasta actually knows no bound and i can pretty much live on them.. Mum often says I must have been… Continue reading Penne a la Verdura

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Happy Birthday Mum!!!

You never really need an excuse to bake cup cakes.. But if you have one… I am not complaining.. It was Mum’s Birthday yesterday…. What fun and no birthday is complete without a cake…. Now much as we all like to admire the pretty cakes in the pastry chops; I would much rather bake mine… Continue reading Happy Birthday Mum!!!

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Notes from the Kerala Kitchen..

Keralite food is just ever so yummy.. There are so easy to make… effortless cooking…. But those on Google as in recipes.. may not be the best option… But then, I don’t have any one remotely related to me that hails from Kerala so a roadblock there… The last time I went to that part… Continue reading Notes from the Kerala Kitchen..