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K for Kumror Chokka

Its Five in the evening here. I have been home all day. P left for work by about 8:30 ish. The apartment lies quiet and empty. Except for the sound it makes, tick tock says the wall clock, the clanking of the shells from the wall hanging that ma sent all the way for Kutch… Continue reading K for Kumror Chokka

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Weeknight Dinners with Naan Pizza

There are days when we all run out of ideas for dinner. Absolutely clueless. I have had weeknights when after work I would stare into my refrigerator till it starts to beep for the door being open too long and I am still wondering about that one question.. What the hell do I cook.. Seriously,… Continue reading Weeknight Dinners with Naan Pizza

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Weeknight Dinners made Easy; Spicy Sausage Pasta

Weekdays can be so packed; you are pretty much running around all day . So when it is time for dinner, you want to keep it simple, yet wholesome tasty and with winters approaching, comforting. This amazing pasta dish is simple one pot, about 20-25 mins and from  , The Best Simple Recipes from America’s Test Kitchens.… Continue reading Weeknight Dinners made Easy; Spicy Sausage Pasta

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Weeknight Stir-fry

Monday had been manic for me.. I mean, one of those days when you do not have a minute to spare for yourself…. Let alone think about dinner.. I had been in and out all day long.. Started with Gym, Bank, Grocery, laundry, Library and not to mention the traffic that took up most of… Continue reading Weeknight Stir-fry