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Cold Egg Noodles

What a week it has been.. Family visiting, house full, lots of fun filled evenings and to top it all food  glorious food. My in-laws are in town and that means all sorts of demands in terms of food. My ma-in-law is only too happy to oblige.  She has been dishing out some of my… Continue reading Cold Egg Noodles


Remnants of the Summer gone by!! Strawberry Cake

My last post was dedicated to Autumn, this one is an ode to the glorious summer gone by.. Contrary to many, I do not have a single favorite season, the reason, I feel every season as something wonderful to offer. Where Autumn has the riot of colors to offer, Summer is a reminder of endless procrastination in the afternoon sun, long… Continue reading Remnants of the Summer gone by!! Strawberry Cake

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Happy Summers…

Memorial day just got over.. 3 wonderful days of absolutely doing nothing feels great.. Even no cooking, sometimes, even though I love to cook, there are days when you just want to .. The last 3 days have been fantastic.. We went to parks, on walks, caught 3 lovely movies, oh and to mention, tried… Continue reading Happy Summers…