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Saraswati Puja and Thammar stew on a winter afternoon..

When I was a child, Saraswati puja was an important affair. We celebrated Saraswati Puja in my Paternal Grandparent’s place. Every year a day before the puja we would all gather at my thakurda’s (paternal grandpa) place and get busy with the decorations and arrangements. Ma and Jethi ( father’s older brother’s wife) would painstakingly… Continue reading Saraswati Puja and Thammar stew on a winter afternoon..


Brunch This Week

Weekends are very busy for the both of us…It is one of those days when we make back and forth calls to India, skype chat with 2 sets of parents and before we realise, more than half the day is gone and not to mention way too late to cook lunch… This Sunday was no… Continue reading Brunch This Week

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Summer Delights

Don’t you just love summers.. Long sunny days, cool breeze and not to mention lots of fresh vegetables… Though I am incredibly fond of meat and fish, vegetables excite me as well when they are nice and colourful… ¬†Tuesdays are normally vegetarian for us, it is one of those once a week compulsory thing, kind… Continue reading Summer Delights

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Penne a la Verdura

Pasta is something I simply love… It is so so easy to cook, whole some. You get your carb supply.. The mix of herbs and olive oil just peps up my appetite.. My love for Pasta actually knows no bound and i can pretty much live on them.. Mum often says I must have been… Continue reading Penne a la Verdura